June 13

Powerful Habits: A Deep Dive Into 2 Model Answers

Kristian: “Hello, listeners, and welcome to another episode of the ‘Cambridge Advanced Speaking’ podcast. I’m your host, Kristian. Today, we’ll be dissecting my personal responses to some intriguing questions about habits. So, strap in and let’s get started.

Kristian: “Our first question for today is: ‘Can you think of a habit that you have that plays a significant role in your daily routine?’ Now, let’s explore how I tackled this.

Kristian: “‘Oh, absolutely. So, you know, one of my habits is hitting the gym really early, like at 5am, four times a week. Sounds a bit crazy, right? But honestly, it’s a game changer…it gives me this sense of…what’s the word I’m looking for…achievement, I guess? So yeah, even though it’s tough to get out of bed sometimes, I wouldn’t trade this habit for anything.’”

Kristian: “Notice how I start with a filler, ‘Oh, absolutely,’ which sets a friendly, conversational tone. I then delve into my personal habit of early morning gym sessions, which I describe as a ‘game changer.’ This is a great use of an idiom, which can add flavour to your responses. I also use an effective example from my own life, making the response relatable and vivid.”

Kristian: “Our second question delves into the process of developing or breaking a habit: ‘Have you ever tried or considered trying to develop or break a habit? If so, what motivated this consideration or action?’ Listen carefully to my response.

Kristian: “‘Yeah, totally, there was actually a time when I tried to break my habit of checking my phone first thing in the morning… So, I decided to replace it with something more positive – like listening to music. It was quite a struggle initially, I won’t lie, but it made a huge difference to my day. I did it because I didn’t want to start my days with negative thoughts about the news. So, now I wake up to the tune of Where the Streets Have No Name, one of the most empowering songs ever, and the effect on my metal peace has been tremendous.’”

Kristian: “I begin with another filler, ‘Yeah, totally,’ maintaining that conversational tone. I then share a personal experience of breaking a negative habit and replacing it with a positive one, using descriptive language to effectively convey the struggle and eventual benefits. I also share my motivation behind this change, namely, to avoid starting my day with negative thoughts about the news, emphasising the importance of mental peace. The phrase ‘made a huge difference to my day’ is a great example of a collocation that adds depth to my response.”

Kristian: “In summary, I’ve demonstrated the effective use of fillers, personal examples, and idioms in my responses. I also effectively share my motivations and feelings, enhancing the authenticity and relatability of my answers. Remember, these elements can greatly enrich your responses in your C1 Advanced Speaking exam.”

Kristian: “Now, before we wrap up, let me remind you that this is exactly the kind of activity we do in our speaking club lessons. Each lesson is focused on a specific topic, like today’s theme of ‘habits’. After a 30-minute interactive breakdown of one or two model answers, we split into smaller groups for one-on-one dialogues in breakout rooms. This provides a great opportunity for you to practise and apply what you’ve learned in a supportive and interactive environment.”

Kristian: “That’s all for this episode. Thank you for tuning in today, and remember, life is better when learning together. That’s why I started the C1 Speaking Club.

I’m Kristian, and until next time, keep practising and keep improving.”

P.S. This is how the song starts:

I want to run, I want to hide
I wanna tear down the walls that hold me inside
I wanna reach out and touch the flame
Where the streets have no name

I wanna feel sunlight on my face
I see that dust cloud disappear without a trace
I wanna take shelter from the poison rain
Where the streets have no name

I mean to say, if those lyrics are not empowering, I don’t know what is.

About the Author

As a Dutch proficient speaker of English, Kristian not only holds a grade A Cambridge C2 certificate but is also CELTA qualified. His five years of experience as a teacher and ESL exam coach, specialising in Cambridge English C1, C2, and IELTS, has equipped him with a unique blend of skills to guide and support your English learning journey.

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