Community Guidelines

Welcome and thanks for joining the C1 Speaking Club!

This is a space to come together and share ideas, expertise and develop lasting connections with like-minded learners of English. The goal is to help each other get the confidence to talk about interesting topics in natural spoken English.

We’re committed to making this community a safe, supportive and inclusive space for all of our members and in turn, we expect you to help us uphold our collective community values and agree to our community rules.


Community Values

Our community values of Curiosity, Kindness, and Helpfulness fuel the way we connect, engage, and communicate with one another in the community.

Be Curious
This is a place to help others and find others that help you talk in natural spoken English. Being curious means asking questions, being resourceful, trying to find answers, and continuously learning.

Be Kind
Together let’s build an environment where everyone feels safe and welcome by keeping your tone positive and your comments constructive. Understand this is a global community made up of people from different countries and that have different perspectives, backgrounds, cultures, and experience levels. Although we very much encourage sharing your thoughts and opinions, please be sure to do so with respect and consider how your words might affect others.

Be Helpful
Know that this is a place where everyone is learning at their own pace and keep in mind how you want to contribute before you post. Feel free to share your challenges, answer questions, support others, provide useful resources, start discussions and build connections.


Community Rules

Be Kind and Respectful
Together let’s build a positive, welcoming environment where everyone feels safe to share ideas, thoughts, and feedback. Let’s be supportive, respect individual opinions, and report inappropriate posts if needed.

Be Relevant—We’re Here to Learn
The goal is to help each other get the confidence to talk about interesting topics in natural spoken English. Promotion of any other courses or products that aren’t relevant to this learning goal will be deleted.

Give More Than You Take—No Solicitations
This includes self-promotion, unsolicited direct messages, spamming, posing as instructors or admins, and any selling disguised as content or help posts with the purpose of lead generation. These types of posts will be removed to ensure we stay focused on meaningful discussion.

Zero Tolerance for Harassment
You should respectfully challenge ideas, but never directly attack a person. Any posts, comments, or DMs to members or admins that are inappropriate, rude, or aggressive will be immediately removed. This includes posts that spread misinformation & are disruptive to the group.

If you experience or witness any behaviour that goes against our Community Guidelines please reach out to us by emailing: We respect your privacy and all email reports are kept confidential.

In most cases a warning will be issued and depending on the severity of the behaviour, the member may be removed from the group.

We value constructive conversation and don’t intend to delete any posts or comments unless we see that they go directly against these guidelines. This is at the discretion of our community admins and we’re always available to discuss with you further if you have any questions or feel unsure about your posts or posts you see from others.


How We Moderate

Members asked to stop any inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour are expected to comply with C1 Speaking Club requests immediately.  

Behaviour that violates our Community Guidelines will be met with appropriate action, which may include:

  • Gentle reminders of the Community Guidelines.
  • Firm warnings and removal of inappropriate content. 
  • Removal from the community without refund or eligibility to reapply in the future.

We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment and sexual advances.

We maintain the right to determine the consequences of any issue at our discretion and are under no obligation to share our findings or determinations beyond the individual involved.

How to report issues:

Reach out to Kristian directly with serious concerns. Send an email or a DM within Circle.


We’re Glad You’re Here

No person is perfect, no community is perfect, and no guidelines are perfect. As we grow, learn, and change together, these community guidelines must also evolve so that we can continue to make our C1 Speaking Club a safe and inclusive space that is mindful and considerate of all experiences.

Being a member of the C1 Speaking Club means you are committed to embracing learning, even when it’s hard. Be available to educate and learn from each other with kindness. Be open to feedback and avoid becoming defensive in moments where you don’t stick the landing. Mistakes can be a powerful teaching moment when used with compassion and empathy. As a community, we’re thankful for our members embracing this process with us.

Thank you for being part of the C1 Speaking Club. We’re so excited to have you here and to be a part of your learning journey! <img decoding=

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