Week 16 – Speaking Practice Breakout Rooms

Kristian // C1 Speaking Club


April 14  

I’m thrilled to announce more Speaking Practice Breakout Rooms! If you would like to reach C1 level of speaking, this is the right experience for you. Here’s everything you need to know about it, and how you can take part.

This week, we are running more Speaking Practice Breakout Rooms on the Twine website. All details for this week’s schedule:
If you are a member of the C1 Speaking Club, this is a chance for you to practice speaking English with other members in pairs of 2.
Here is the list of topicsdates, times this week. You can attend as many sessions as you like.
These are private rooms, set up exclusively for C1 Speaking Club members and can only be accessed by club members.
All times are Spain times (CEST)
TOPIC: Intelligence
18 April Tuesday 9:30am
18 April Tuesday 1:30pm
18 April Tuesday 7:30pm
TOPIC: Books 
20 April Thursday 9:30am
20 April Thursday 1:30pm
20 April Thursday 7:30pm
When you enter, the website will automatically put you in a room with another person.
This time, there are 3 x 10 minute sessions.

You can stay for all 3 or just participate in 1 or 2 sessions.

NOTE: I will be in all rooms this week, so there’s always at least one person to practise with (me)!

IMPORTANT: Please be punctual. If you arrive late then you may have to wait for the next 10 minute session to open.
After 10 minutes, you will automatically change to a different room, with a different person, where you can practice the same topic, but with new people.
You will get a downloadable PDF with vocabulary and tips. Members of the C1 Speaking Club get exclusive access to this PDF.
Before you join the room, you will need to sign up for Twine with your email or a Google account or a LinkedIn account.
To know what to expect, please watch this short video first.
If you have any questions, send an email to kristian@getreadyforsuccess.com.
See you in the Speaking Practice Rooms!


Kristian, what’s a Speaking Practice Breakout Room event?

Great question. It is an event where we split up into pairs, and topics are presented on the screen for you to discuss. It’s a way to practise English in a relaxed atmosphere, meet other community members, and have some fun at the same time.

What is the format of the session?

It will be around 30 minutes long. We will have 3 different rounds, each 10 minutes long. In each one you will be automatically put into pairs, and you’ll answer C1 exam practice questions.

Kristian, this sounds complicated/scary.

It’s not! It will be a low-stress and safe environment to practise your English with other friendly people. 

Kristian, I don’t feel comfortable speaking. Does everyone need to speak?

The only way to become a confident speaker is to practice. Don’t worry, everyone is a learner, there is no pressure, and it’s intended to be fun. 

Overall, Speaking Practice Breakout Rooms are the perfect solution for anyone who’s looking for a speaking partner with a similar level and a similar goal, and I really hope you’ll be able to join us!

This all sounds great, I’d like to come.

Tremendous! You can join the C1 Speaking Club here and participate once you’re a member.

About the Author

As a Dutch proficient speaker of English, Kristian not only holds a grade A Cambridge C2 certificate but is also CELTA qualified. His five years of experience as a teacher and ESL exam coach, specialising in Cambridge English C1, C2, and IELTS, has equipped him with a unique blend of skills to guide and support your English learning journey.

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