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what STUDENTS say

I came across Kristian through his podcast, and when I heard about the C1 Speaking Club I joined without thinking twice. I had my first lesson with the other members, and he is an amazing teacher! I'm sure I will improve my speaking tremendously this year! 

Claudia Heo // Member

Earlier this year I passed the Cambridge C1 exam after I had enrolled in Kristian's Speaking Program. Now I don't want to become rusty, and that's why I decided to join the C1 Speaking club. I'm a big fan of the live lessons, weekly challenges and break-out speaking rooms!

Ismael Juárez Molina // Member

I love listening to the C1 Speaking Podcast run by Kristian. When he announced the C1 Speaking Club, I immediately decided to join to improve my speaking skills. Kristian is a very friendly teacher who keeps motivating you. Happy to be part of the club!

Cristina Lopez Espada // Member

First I enrolled in Kristian's Speaking Program and now I have also joined the C1 Speaking Club, all this to get ready for my C1 exam later this year. I'm really enjoying the live lessons and speaking rooms with all the other members!

Aneta Zawadzka // Member

My membership gives me the opportunity to join challenges, participate in live lessons and practise my English in speaking rooms. It's a really powerful way of building the confidence I need to speak natural English on C1 exam day!

Lupe German Gomez // Member

I'm a big fan of the C1 Speaking podcast! It really helps me to learn the language I need to speak about interesting topics. Now I want to go the extra mile and use this language when conversing in the C1 Speaking Club!

Laura Sanz Rodriguez // Member

When I heard about the C1 Speaking Club, I jumped at the chance to participate, because I feel insecure about my speaking. So far, my experience has been great! Kristian is extremely dedicated and enthusiastic, which makes speaking a lot of fun. The other members are very supportive and I feel I already gained more confidence!

Eva Marie Scholz // Member

Although already retired, I keep feeling the need to improve the skills that allow me to better understand and speak English. For this reason I decided to take up the chance to join the C1 Speaking Club. It turned out to be an excellent decision! I feel a blend of motivation and amusement combined with much pleasure and the willingness to continue! 

José A Teixeira // Member

I discovered the C1 Speaking Club after listening to Kristian's podcast, which I find really interesting and helpful. I decided to become a member because I want to take the C1 exam this year. I'm really glad I joined, because the lessons are immensely helpful. Kristian is always encouraging us with short and useful tasks as well as tips to improve!

Isabel Melian // Member

I was seeking for a convenient tool to improve my speaking skills when out of the blue C1 Speaking Club popped up in my life. Kristian is a fully dedicated teacher who guides you through your journey to master your communication abilities. The community offers plenty of speaking opportunities to practise with other members. Use it or lose it!

Francesc Arrafut // Member

I've been studying English for over 2 years and the main problem that affects me and most other learners, is the lack of speaking opportunities. I came across Kristian while listening to his podcast and I immediately decided to join theC1 Speaking Club. It's been a great experience so far, and I expect to continue improving my speaking skills!

Elías Gaete // Member

I'm really lucky to have Kristian as a teacher! Not only is he always full of beans, but he also teaches you exactly what you need to pass the exam. His program helps you to improve step-by-step every single day. I'm impressed by Kristian's passion and professionalism and I'd definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to get amazing results!

Maria Lucia Romero // Member